Effol Effax Advent Calendar

Effol Effax Advent Calendar

  • $ 79.95

Holiday season with the Effol & Effax Advent Calendar

With 24 goodies for both horse and human, the Effol Advent Calendar will make every day of December an exciting one!

This holiday  Advent calendar filled with 24 doors of products you and your horse will love!

Each day during December you can open up one of the doors on the Effol Advent Calendar and get a mini sized Effol or Effax product. Great gift for your favorite equestrian, barn owner, or riding teacher.

What is behind the 24 doors?

  • Effol SuperStar Shine – Shine Spray
  • Effol Magnet – nourishes and protects skin/hair
  • Effax Glanz – cleans and cares for riding boots
  • Effax Sofort Glanz – for quick shine in between riding times
  • Effol Bronco Care – for easy breathing
  • Effol Shower Gel
  • Hey Sport Travel Global Wash
  • Effol Haut Repair – care cream for wounds and cracked heels
  • Effol Huf-Oil Gel – for healthy shine
  • Effax Creme Soap – cleaning and care in one product
  • Effax Leder Balsom – nourishing care with protective effect for leather
  • Effol Med Broncho-Care BonBons –  sugar free herbal sweets
  • Effol Body Lotion – with organic sea buckthorn oil
  • Hey Sport Micro Wash
  • Effol Haarwurzel Liquid – promotes hair growth on mane and tail
  • Effol Haut Lotion with sunscreen
  • Effol Friends Snacks
  • Effax Leather Combi
  • Effol Med Pflaster – 5 stick pieces for little scratches
  • Effol Hand Cream
  • Hey Sport lammfell Wash – preserves the function and quality of lambskin